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When I mentioned that there are no “sorry about your miscarriage” greeting cards, I forgot that I lived next to a greeting card artist.

My friend and neighbour has an Etsy site called Awkward Moment Cards, where she sells her hand-crafted and quirky greeting cards for all sorts of weird occasions. The stock changes as she gets new ideas and bored of old ones, but here are some examples from her current line up:

zombiecard vasectomycard shavedmylegscard ruinedfrescocard

If you’re looking to announce that you’re gay, send someone a picture of Dr Phil wagging a disapproving finger, or a “Happy Birthday Freak” card (no comma because there is an actual freak on the card), you go to Awkward Moment Cards.

So I was delighted but not altogether surprised when I received what very well might be the world’s first Miscarriage Greeting Card: