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I got an email from Elizabeth Pantley, the author of The No-Cry Sleep Solution, a couple of weeks ago.

She said that she stumbled on my blog posts about Owl’s sleep and my search for and eventual use of her book, and she said she was happy to know that I had found her book helpful.

(I hope she actually DID find and read my blog posts, rather than get forwarded links by her editors/media relations people, but you never know. Still, I choose to believe that she did!)

She wanted to know if I would like some free copies of her other books.

So of course, I said HELL YES.

Today I went down to UPS to pick up a box with three shiny new books in it. They still have that new book smell. Since I buy most of my books from Value Village or the used book store where PH used to work, this is a big deal for me.

They didn’t want to give me my books at first, because they were addressed to someone named Doug. I don’t know a Doug, unless you count my friend’s dog, and he’s not much of a reader. I pointed out that my own name was also on the label, right under Doug’s. The UPS lady looked at me suspiciously through her granny-glasses.

“I can’t give this to you. It’s addressed to Doug, not you,” she said firmly. “But my name is right there!” I said, pointing to the label and waving my ID.

“I’d really rather release this to Doug himself.”

“But there is no Doug! I don’t know who Doug is.”

“Well, it’s addressed to him.”

Eventually her younger male co-worker reasoned her into letting my have my package. “Her name IS on the box.”

“Well, then why does it say Doug?” the UPS lady argued.

“It must be a mistake.”

“Look, I was expecting the package. I know what’s in the package. My name is on the package,” I said, pointing again to the label.

So they let me have my package from Elizabeth Pantley.

(When I opened the box, there was a packing slip billing the cost of my books to the self-same Doug, so he must be a media relations guy or an editor or something at McGraw Hill.)

As a thank-you to her for the free books, I’ll of course be posting reviews of the books as I complete them.

The books are:

The No-Cry Sleep Solution For Toddlers And Preschoolers

The No-Cry Potty Training Solution

The No-Cry Discipline Solution.

The potty training one especially will probably get a couple of posts – I’ll post one as I begin the process, and another when I finally succeed. Here’s hoping you won’t have to wait until Owl is five years old for that second update :-p