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Had to go to a wedding today. Thankfully, my dressy black skirt is elastic waisted, so I could wear it despite 36+ weeks of pregnancy. Also thankfully, while I knew that my feet were too swollen for my normal dress shoes, I also had found a pair of too-big mary janes that Perfect Husband had bought for me over the internet once (size eight my ass, they fit like size nines). So I had this pair of shoes which were a size too big for me that I knew I could wear to the wedding.

We got ready to go, I got out the shoes and… they were too small. I crammed my feet into the big shoes and felt the straps and heels dig in. I tottered to the wedding anyway, but when I got home I had blisters on my heels and deep lines cut into the tops of my feet.

Seriously need to talk to the OB about this edema. Should my previously-saggy, casual socks be leaving deep lines in my flesh? I am drinking like a fish, but my legs are swollen and shiny and my watch digs deep into my wrist.

PH is worried. I’m mostly just annoyed.