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I’ve been thinking, and I’m beginning to wonder if I secretly dislike tomato sauce.

If so, I have kept it a very good secret from myself. I buy it frequently, always have. Spaghetti sauce is something we keep in large quantities, and use in several different recipes.

Many of my favourite foods involve tomato sauce – pizza, spaghetti, lasagna.

If you said to me, “here, taste this tomato sauce”, I’d say “sure!” and happily open wide.

And I like tomatoes. I like ketchup. I am friendly with all variations of this  member of the nightshade family.

But you wouldn’t know it from my food preferences.

When I order pasta in a restaurant, I hardly ever get something in a tomato based sauce. I get an alfredo, or a clear sauce.

I consider it a great treat when we order pizza with a pesto sauce (for a friend who is allergic to tomatoes) or simply lacking in sauce (perogie pizza is a favourite of mine).

If we are out of spaghetti sauce, PH discounts pasta as an option, but I am quite happy, when left to my own devices, to simply add cheese and garlic butter. In fact, I think I actually prefer it that way.

In fact, when I really think about it, there is very little that we add tomato sauce to that I would not eat just as happily or MORE happily without tomato sauce.

When I do eat things with tomato sauce on them, I DROWN them in cheese. I don’t really ENJOY foods like spaghetti unless I have cheese to go with them. Meanwhile, I rarely add cheese to an alfredo, unless it is just a sprinkle of parmesan.

So, if I prefer foods without tomato sauce to foods with tomato sauce, and if I mute tomato sauce with cheese whenever possible…

How much can I really like tomato sauce?