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I wanted to get Owl something from Las Vegas that didn’t have naked ladies on it. Since we’re staying in Excalibur, I decided to buy him a knight and steed.

Yes, I am doing this despite the fact that we have been entirely underwhelmed with Excalibur, since they gave us a room that didn’t actually lock and it took three days of consecutive complaints to get them to fix it. Oh, and they have signs everywhere for $40 poker tournament, which turned out to cost $50. Pointing to the signs had no effect.

I bought Owl a knight and horse despite Excalibur’s dismal customer service, entirely because I think that they will provide him with hours of amusement.

It is NOT because I want to play with them myself.

I am clearly a grown up.

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Owl loves the “horsie knight” which seems to be one entity to him. He kisses them, lays them on their sides and informs us that they are sleeping. So clearly it was a good decision.

Definitely not a selfish decision in the least.