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Time for the traditional making of resolutions which will undoubtedly be broken. We take this annual opportunity to look at our lives and notice everything that causes dissatisfaction in our lives, and resolve to change ourselves. It seems arbitrary to pick this one particular date on which to review our lives, but like a spinning ice skater, we need a fixed point to focus on, lest the spinning of time make us dizzy. Every time we come back to it, we readjust our sense of where we are, and try to regain balance in our lives.

I always resolve to lose weight, and usually end up heavier the next year instead of lighter. I resolve to cut out carbs, and celebrate the next New Year with a hand full of potato chips.

I still want to lose weight. I NEED to lose weight. But I have decided that I don’t need a New Year resolution as motivation. The mirror gives me all the motivation I need.

Instead, I will make a resolution of something which I really might not otherwise have strived for.


I’m going to write my verbally abusive dog training book. Once finished I can decide whether I want to self-publish and use word of mouth to sell books online, or whether I want to try and find a publisher crazy enough to publish it. But I will at least write the dang thing. Why not?

In other news, I picked up a cold on my last day in Nova Scotia. I am finally starting to recover, now that I have passed the cold on to poor Perfect Husband. Babby has been fighting the cold off for the last three days. It is a show-down between the rampant virus and my breast milk’s antibodies, waging war in my baby’s body. The heat of battle gave him a mild fever for two days, which seems to be abating.  He is still whiny, and there’s no way of knowing what hurts where, but I hope the antibodies are winning the battle.

Perfect Husband is doing much more poorly than the tiny baby. I guess he needs some milk antibodies, too?