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We went to Comicon again this year!

It was waaaaaaay better than last year. Much better organized, for one thing.

It also helped that we knew our way around this year, too, and didn’t try to take the elevators. Sure, the volunteer “minions” scolded us for going on the escalator but it meant we actually got to ENJOY COMICON.

George Takei wasn’t there this year, but do you know who WAS?

Christopher Lloyd, Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, and… PATRICK STEWART.

Commander Owl Riker, ready to meet his Captain

I got Christopher Lloyd to sign my copy of Roger Rabbit, which was cool but I didn’t get much more time with him than I got with George Takei last year, so there doesn’t seem to be a real benefit to signing vs photo shoots.

PH tried to see Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day, but he got there a full twenty minutes after Comicon opened and that was apparently TOO LATE.

We lunched down the road at a Qdoba, where I munched on a large plastic triangle in my burrito. They apologized, but did not offer me a refund or a fresh burrito. I ate it anyway.

We decided to skip napping Owl, hoping he would doze off in his stroller.


Instead, he flirted incessantly with some (childless) friends who were also down for the day.

Flirting may have happened on both sides

Flirting may have happened on both sides

He also enjoyed the Storm Troopers, the Spider Men, and the Power Rangers. He was somewhat bemused by the bagpipe-playing Darth Maul.

He did nap eventually for about ten minutes, at, like, 4 pm.

But you know what? He had a blast, and we got more time to browse the comic book stands. Plus we had friends to hang out with this year, which was awesome.

But the highlight was definitely Patrick Stewart.

Since they were so much better organized this year, things moved much more smoothly.

They stowed our possessions ahead of time so that we were desperately chucking a folded stroller at the head of the nearest minion. Owl kept his shoes on.

I could hear Patrick Stewart talking to the people ahead of us, and guys, he sounds EXACTLY LIKE ON TV – that same Shakespearean projection, everything. Just awesomeness.

Then it was our turn. At first Perfect Husband was jumbled next to Patrick Stewart, but when Sir Patrick saw me holding Owl, he said in that oh-so-posh voice, “Ah, yes, let’s have me in the middle,” and Perfect Husband moved over to his other side.





I am NOT a gal for the older men, and have never taken the slightest interest in people like George Clooney… but a Shakespearean actor (Perfect Husband and I met in Henry the IV Part I, and became friends during a production of Hamlet – ’nuff said), who commands a starship like Captain Picard does, and who stands up against violence towards women

…Well, let’s just say that while he may be only a couple years younger than my father, I swooned a little inside.

Owl was wondering who this man was, and stared open-mouthed at Sir Patrick while the camera man and the minions tried to get him to look at the camera.

And then Sir Patrick Stewart proved that he is not actually Jean Luc Picard. He spoke in a warm and encouraging voice to the little child, pointing to the cameraman in his stripy orange shirt and saying in a jolly tone, “Look at that man with the camera! He looks like a bumblebee!”.

And so, we have this photo:

My new favourite family photo

My new favourite family photo

With Patrick Stewart’s arm around me, and his mouth clearly finishing the word “bumblebee.”

Could it be more amazing?

I left with a warm glow from knowing that Patrick Stewart TOUCHED ME, and that I will never be able to watch Next Gen again without hearing this in my head: