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Owl LOVES drawings of faces. It is his favourite thing. “Draw happy face!” is a command heard multiple times every single day.

He wants us to draw happy face, after happy face, after happy face.

This kid may be an extrovert. He may need a sibling.

And now he’s trying to make his own happy faces. He has seen us draw them so many times that he has the steps down pat:

1. Make circle.
2. Make dots for eyes.
3. Make smile.

Sometimes he adds ears or a hat, when he’s feeling elaborate.

Now, Owl’s artistic skills in general are on par for his age.

He can draw a straight-ish line, or squiggles. If asked to draw, say, an apple, he’s likely to make a single line and say “dere!”.

But his happy faces are getting quite good.


Is it just me or does this look like a tamagotchi?


this one has ears and a “hat”


Smug face


Sad, hunted face