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This blog is officially two years old today.

Is it just me or does it feel like a lot longer? And yet, the time has flown by between then an now. It’s very strange.

When If By Yes began I was renting, working, depressed, and whining about how I wanted a baby.

Now I’m a home owner (albeit of a musty, small, falling-down townhouse), looking for a job, anxious but happy, and whining about how I don’t want to leave my baby.

I’ve fancied up my blog theme a bit. Feel free to complain. If you all hate it I can always change it back. I”m still tweaking the background and such. How is it loading, for you?

As another part of my celebration of Two Years of Blogging On My Ass, I’m introducing a new segment to If By Yes:

The Early Writings of Carol The Genius

While I was home, I dug out some of “books” that I wrote as a child.

The first, written when I was in grade 4, is called Follow The Animals Home and chronicles the adventures of two Mary Sue characters who own a ridiculous number of pets and end up wandering around the wilderness around the Niagra Escarpment. The second, All That Glitters is a slightly better effort about a motley assortment of kittens, puppies, and a horse who go tramping all over the countryside looking for the “perfect owner”, only to be continually disappointed.

Both are hysterically funny, although I don’t think I was trying to be at the time.

I also found a book of my early poems.

Now you, too, can enjoy selected segments from these early efforts! Marvel in the genius!

Or laugh uncontrollably.

Whichever seems appropriate.

Shall I start you off with a poem? 


there isn’t a Canadian that doesn’t feel for creatures,

not even one, I’m not kidding it’s really quite a feature.

Even people that start out shooting as a child,

soon realise there doing and become gentle  and mild,

with animals,


– Me, age 11