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So I suddenly came down with a sore throat and sniffles Wednesday night. I whined about it to Perfect Husband for a little while, then took a bunch of Advil and went to bed, planning to sleep it off. The sniffles got worse over night and I woke at two in the morning with the realization that I was actually sick, and one night’s sleep wasn’t going to shoo it away.


See, Saturday I was supposed to take a drive with my favourite client and speak at the MS Society. Apparently, one of their members had run into my client and her dog and was like “they make service dogs for people in wheelchairs too??” and he was so excited that he immediately applied for a dog and then asked us to make a presentation to help spread the word.

When I went to bed Wednesday night, I was thinking “gee, I hope my throat isn’t still sore for Saturday, or speaking will really suck.” Then I woke up with the cold realization that if I was sick, I simply couldn’t go. People with MS are usually on immunosuppressants. Getting into a car with this client and breathing on her for several hours, not to mention all the people at the meeting, would be like saying “here – have a hospital visit.”

So I went into work the next morning and passed the buck to a coworker. Then I went home sick.

This stinks.

But the good news is I can spend all day playing Sims 2. Sims 2 loves me. Sims 2 doesn’t care that I’m sniffling and gooey and scratchy and moany.

Oh, in other news, I have a family doctor again kind of sort of. She’s not really a doctor. She’s a nurse practitioner. The hospital referred me to her (she works in the bowels of their basement and I was terrified I was going to walk past the morgue while trying to find this place) and she says she can keep me as a patient. I’m not entirely clear on how this is really different from a doctor. Apparently she can diagnose, order tests, and she prescribed me three months of Wellbutrin. Obviously the education angle is different, but isn’t that basically a doctor? Is she, like, a sub-doctor? Should I be willing to put my health in her hands, rather than finding a GP? I’m not sure. She seemed nice and competent enough. In fact, she spent an hour talking to me. An HOUR! I can’t think of any GP who had that kind of time for me.

Then I got sick. Stupid hospitals.