It all started with this Mugglenet article. 

It was full of photos of amazing Harry Potter related babywearing wraps and I fell in love.

As you may remember, I wore a colicky Owl as a babby frequently. He hated the car and screamed, so he rarely slept in his car seat. He was much happier in a carrier, so I wore him in a hand-me-down Sleepy Wrap until he got too heavy for it, and then transferred him to an Ergo.

I loved wearing Owl and joked that my carrier was “baby bluetooth – hands free”. I even wondered why people bothered with strollers for tiny babies, because I found them bulky and annoying compared to the lightweight, hands free freedom of a carrier.

But I never felt PRETTY.

Whether I was wrapped in yards of grey cloth, or wearing Owl in what is basically a front backpack, my carriers were utilitarian.

I occasionally mooned over a stock photo of a woman in a classy ring sling, but I couldn’t justify spending extra money.

My mother made me a faux rebozo, which was not as useful as the Ergo but much prettier, so I used that occasionally.

But now my eyes were opened to a whole world of nerdy babywearing and I WANTED TO BE THAT COOL.

Unfortunately, so do a lot of people, and these quality woven wraps are pretty niche and hard to come by. Used ones actually cost MORE than retail because the wraps are broken in and often limited edition. We’re talking HUNDREDS of dollars.

I shared a photo of some beautiful woven fabric, a Natibaby “Indivisibility Cloak” (get it, because you wear your baby and you two become INDIVISABLE) and bemoaned the fact that they are so expensive.

Then I got a facebook message from my cousin.

I love my cousins. As an only child, they became my surrogate brothers, and I miss them a lot. I keep trying to cajole them out here. The older one is single with a good job as a computer programmer. He was offering to buy me the wrap.


I asked him for a ring sling, since I don’t have one, and they look so pretty. A wrap would be more versatile, but ring slings are easier for in-and-out sorts of trips, and I already had an Ergo for long treks.

It arrived the week before a friend of mine got married and I worked frantically to break in the fabric in time.

It’s purple. I also happen to have a purple dress. The purples totally match. I went to that wedding feeling SO coordinated and geeky and over all fabulous. I can’t remember when I have worn an outfit that made me feel so together.

This must be what it feels like to be one of those fancy, with-it people who wear coordinated outfits all the time. It is amazing. I highly recommend it.