And thanks to confirmation bias, I feel like my worrying paid off!

I think that was the most harrowing half hour I have experienced in a very long time. My ultrasound technician was a serious Eastern European man who had a tendency to lean back in his chair while moving the wand back and forth over my belly, and then suddenly sit up and lean in, starting at the screen intently as if the baby had suddenly started using sign language at him or something.

Every time that happened I imagined he was discovering that my baby was an octopus or cerberus or experiencing some kind of death spasm.

And he asked questions like “was your last baby a big one?” and “you say your last pregnancy was a miscarriage?” which thoroughly unnerved me.

Finally, (FINALLY) he called in PH and Owl (who remained uncharacteristically silent) and showed us the baby, including the part between the legs which didn’t seem to have a penis and so he felt it was “pretty definitive” that it is a girl.

She seems to have a beating heart, a head, two arms, two legs, and a vulva. He didn’t mention any cysts or defects or soft markers, although then when he went out to “speak briefly to the doctor on staff and print the pictures” he took a disturbingly long time.

But when he came back it was without any doctor and holding some print outs for us.

We went for panacakes.


Also, a girl! That’s a nice bonus. I would have been fine either way, but I’ve HAD a boy so the girl thing adds some novelty to the pregnancy.