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The following is an original story told to me by my three year old, minus the occasional “and then what happened?” from me. As previously mentioned, he’s going to be telling the stories on this blog for a bit, because I’m broken somehow.

One time, there was a spider.

And he crawled out of a hole!

And he fell down.

And he said “aahhhh!”

And then he went up on his web, and he fell down.

And he caught his Mama.

And his Mama said, “don’t fall down any more, ok?”

And the spider said “I like to fall down.”

And then he fell down again and he broke our window!

He fell into the garbage.

Then he crawled up and he broke my picture.

And then he fell in Elmo’s mouth and Elmo ATE HIM ALL UP.

That’s not the end.

The end is in five minutes.

Then his Mama came in and said “where’s my little boy spider?”

And then he crawled out of Elmo’s mouth.

And he caught his mama!

And they fell in the garbage.

And they went up, up, up, up!

And they went to the ceiling and they made a web.

And they fell down.