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Good riddance, you sucked.

Were there good moments in 2013?


Peak of the year – February 2013

Our trip to Disneyland was unbelievably awesome.

That was in February. It’s all been downhill since then.

I remember feeling so very lucky when I was pregnant. I remember how PH trawled three supermarkets to find the fixings to a chicken club wrap when I was craving them.  I felt so lucky that I had such a great husband, that I was pregnant with my second child, that I had been voted Employee of the Year, that I had gotten a trip to Disneyland.

I didn’t take it for granted.

I felt blessed.

Then it all fell apart.

I lost the pregnancy, and then I lost my husband to depression – hopefully temporarily.

I lost my patience with Owl.

I lost my interest in my job.

I lost the energy to train dogs.

I lost the will to care.

I lost hope in conceiving again.

I’m just lost.

Although I did gain ONE thing – weight!

So I kept my resolution.

I’m hoping that passing an arbitrary point around the sun will somehow turn the luck around.

Welcome, 2014.

Please give me my life back.