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Despite my lack of Christmas Spirit, there is one thing I did this year that I am please about, decorating-wise.

Word got around my workplace that London Drugs was selling a full size replica of the iconic Charlie Brown Christmas Tree for a very affordable price.

So one day, after picking Owl up from school, I swung by London Drugs.

“Sorry I’m late, I wanted to buy an artificial tree,” I said.

PH squinted at me. He’s met me, and he knows how violently against artificial trees I am.

“I don’t BELIEVE you,” he said.

“No, really!” I held out the box.

PH looked at it for a moment.

“I accept this,” he said simply. “How much did you have to pay?”

“Fifteen bucks.”



“I accept this.”

It has the place of honour on our dining room table.


Yes, I am aware of the irony of BUYING a REPLICA of something which represents the rejection of commercialization in Christmas in general, and artificial trees in particular.

But you know what? It’s FRIGGING ADORABLE.

It reminds me of PH and me. Weighed down, but still standing, still good. We just need a little love and care.

And every time I look at it, I am reminded of what Christmas is really all about.

My house is messy, and undecorated, and I haven’t sent any cards.

But you know what?

My son asked for a candy cane, a tea set, and Hungry Hungry Hippos for Christmas. That’s it. That’s all he wanted (well, and something else called “the game with the dots that go down the hole”* but we’ll never figure that one out). And honestly, I think the only thing he had his heart set on is the candy cane.

It could be worse.

Christmas doesn’t come from a store.

…So the beautiful decorations on Pinterest can go f*&# themselves.

*ETA: he asked for the same thing the next year. We asked him to show it to us. It was a crokinole board.