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PH has been experiencing anxiety lately, which is a strange experience for me, because I’ve been thrown into the role of reassurer, which is a complete role reversal for us.

As an example, I came home from work and PH complained, “Only three items have sold today. If we can’t sell all these items, we might not break even before the VISA bill.”

“Didn’t you just post them, like, two hours ago?”


“So… three items sold within two hours of you posting them online?”

“Well, yes.”


But it keeps happening. He was fretting again yesterday. “Hardly anything’s sold today. If this keeps up, we won’t break even before the VISA comes in.”

“We’ve sold over a thousand dollars’ worth of stuff in 5 days, and the pile still looks completely untouched. I THINK WE’LL BE OKAY.”

All the shipping and checking for new sales is keeping him busy. I think it’s wearing him out, too, though. I hope it doesn’t do more harm than good. Once we start making profit, though, I think he’ll feel better. It might boost his self esteem a bit, and it would certainly relieve his anxiety.

I don’t even care about profit, though. I just want him to be happy.20131110-135746.jpg