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Perfect Husband’s depression still weighs him down, but I’m seeing signs of hope… like a vague interest in things.

A couple of weeks ago he started browsing auction items for an upcoming collectables auction.

He wore himself out obsessively researching every item on the auction, noting its average sale value online, and then figuring out the maximum he could pay if he wanted to make a 50% profit off of the item.

He used to work at Ebay a long time ago, and he knows the tips and tricks for figuring out what stuff is really worth, and not just what it is selling for.

His list had hundreds of items.

I figured it was pretty unlikely that many items would sell for half their value or less, given our prior experience with Vancouver auctions, but I was glad that he had a project, because it was the first sign of being interested in anything that he had shown in a long time, so I encouraged him.

This is our living room after he unloaded the car.When he came back from the auction, the car looked like this.


That was the first load.

He had to go back the next day for the second load.

The next morning when we woke up, he said, “I dreamed that I spent over $3,000 on toys and they filled our entire living room.”


“Yeah, that happened.”

We have Star Trek figurines, Star Wars, Muppets, DC Comics, Marvel, WoW, anime, and all kinds of other statues and models and action figures that I’ve never heard of.

Who the hell is Elongated Man?

Why is a Star Trek Salt Vampire worth money?

PH has catalogued, photographed, and stacked them all in our computer room, where he guards them jealously from pet fur and curious little boy fingers.

When he finally sells them all, we’ll make a significant profit. Plus I think it’s healthy for PH to have a project. I keep hoping it’ll help ease him out of his misery.

Unfortunately, PH is now suffering from severe anxiety that they won’t sell.

But I’m not worried.

And when I’m not worried, you can take that to the bank.