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This was Owl’s first REAL Halloween.

Last year we dressed him up, and took him to a couple houses, but the whole thing confused him a little. He actually got much more excited after it was over, because for months he would pick up his pumpkin basket and inform us that he was going to go get candy.

This year, he was ready. It was hard to find outfits in his size, so while he dreamed of “space man” suits and “dragon” suits, the best we found for him was a cute fireman outfit.

Although I did see this “Tyrannosaurus” costume, complete with wings and horns just like a REAL T Rex, at Toys R Us, but it was too big.

ipodmisc 486


Owl was only luke warm on the fire man outfit. He does love fire trucks and fire men, but not as much as he likes monsters and space men and pirates.

Some days he was happy about the fireman outfit. Some days he said he didn’t want it.


We thought he looked adorable.

But I went out to Michaels, got some construction paper, and constructed a crude fire truck out of a cardboard box.


The sad part is, it’s too well done to have been made by a three year old, but humiliatingly poorly done to have been made by a 30 year old.

I remember the costumes my own mother sewed for me and they were fantastic and elaborate and completely unique.

This was the best I could do for my kid.

After all the fire truck building, I couldn’t muster the energy for pumpkin carving that I have in the past.

I did continue the tradition of getting Owl to mark his pumpkin so I could carve it out, and his efforts this year were significantly more recognizable as faces than last year’s attempt.


Once I’d carved and scooped his pumpkins though, I only had energy for the simplest of efforts, so I carved the Deathly Hallows into mine. Nothing is much simpler than a line, a circle, and a triangle.


I think about one person recognized it.

Anyway, the important thing is, Owl had a blast.

DSC00120 DSC00134

He loved trick or treating, he insisted on sharing his candy with us, and he cried when we threw the pumpkins away.

He’s already looking forward to next Hallowe’en.

Hopefully we’ll be able to find a costume he’s super excited about next year. He’ll be bigger by then!