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Hallowe’en is a time to embrace our fears, but for the most part, we keep that stuff away from our small children.

Hallowe’en for Owl means costumes (he’s going to be a fire man, although originally he wanted to be an astronaut) and candy and pumpkins. Lots of pumpkins.

So we took him back to the Pumpkin Patch.

It’s a great time, and HE had a blast.

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We enjoyed ourselves too, but PH and I found ourselves feeling creeped out on more than one occasion.

It’s strange that children, who often find mundane TOTALLY NORMAL things to be scary, manage to overlook the bizarre horrors hiding all over the place at the Pumpking Patch.

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Pumpkin Dad is possessed by the devil

ipodmisc 534

Creepy native baby born without soul

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Sally and the other kid from Cat in the Hat seem to be sinking into the mud and pleading desperately for help

ipodmisc 527

Just… what…

ipodmisc 520

Triffid-like dead sunflowers hanging over us

Terrifying soul-less wooden cut outs not withstanding, we’ll go again next year. He has so much fun, bless him, and isn’t this what kids are for? Excuses to go to lame, childish things like this and not feel self-conscious about it?

I r a grown up

I r a grown up