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Owl’s third birthday is coming up very soon, and that puts a lot of pressure on me.

Owl has been looking forward to his birthday party… well, since his last birthday party. Every time he sees cakes in the store, he says “Some day, I’ll have a birfday, Mommy! Then I get birfday cake. Some day. Some day…”

Ditto for balloons, party hats etc that he sees hanging on the rack.

“Ooh, I get dis when I have my birfday.”

He spied an Angry Birds cake in Dairy Queen in July and he still talks about getting an Angry Birds cake. I’ll try and get him excited about ANYTHING ELSE.

We were originally going to have his birthday at the same place we had his last party. It was cheap, and fun, and he had a great time.

Unfortunately, they were booked solid through September.

So we had to start looking at other options.

I didn’t really like any of the other options – yeah, we could reserve space at a local play gym, but he could go to those any time – and does.

But by some miracle, Science World had an opening, at our preferred time, ON HIS BIRTHDAY no less. BOOKED.

But then there was more stress – their party for 2 and under is cheaper and more simple – you get a party room, and access to the centre. You also get free admission for 10 children under 3 (which is dumb, because they admit children under 3 for free anyway) and for 10 adults (better).

The other option is for 3-7. They have a 30 minute science “demo” and you get admission for 10 kids over 3, but only 2 adults (basically, you and your partner). It also costs way more.

So we had to decide what to do. Would Owl appreciate the 30 minute demo enough to justify the extra money? Don’t forget that we’d have to pay admission for all of the parents too. Oh, and at least half of the invited children if not MORE would be between the ages of one and three. We definitely don’t know 10 children over three.

So we went with the cheaper, more boring option. I keep having crises of anxiety where I worry that I’ll regret not getting the actual guided program. Otherwise, we just paid for a room, right? I mean, sure, it’s a room at the SCIENCE CENTRE, which is AWESOME, and we’ve been wanting to take Owl there for a long time. But will the kids play with each other? Probably not. They’ll probably eat food, open presents, and run off to explore the centre and won’t play with each other.

Maybe I should have just rented out the play gym.


The kid better enjoy this.