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I’ve been meaning to write about Wreck It Ralph since Perfect Husband and I saw it in theatres back in November. I thought you’d want to know about it since it was TOTALLY WICKED.


That’s right. I have zero complaints.

Me, the one who has found several movies to be… unsatisfactory.



Zero complaints.


I think it would be a fantastic movie for either gender of child to watch, although, since there are guns and enormous carnivorous bugs, I imagine it wouldn’t be great for little kids.

I think it carries an excellent message that it conveys eloquently.

I think it is filled with retro charm.

I think that the characters are three dimensional ones who grow and change throughout the story.

I think the humour is witty and sometimes understated.

I think the main female characters provide excellent role models for young girls.

I think that the development of the plot was a delight to experience.

A plot is a difficult and challenging thing to build well.

Believe me, I suck at them. Too simple, and it’s boring to sit through a predictable and pedestrian story, like, well, most children’s movies and an awful lot of adult ones. Too haphazard and you get a story that doesn’t seem to know where it wants to go, like Happy Feet.

But Wreck It Ralph is just… beautiful.

Every time I thought I knew where it was going, it threw a new wrench in the works. Every time I thought I knew how it fit together, it introduced a new twist. And yet everything did fit together, very well.

Yes, it had a couple of predictable bits, but then it was satisfying to see something so carefully constructed come to fruition.


I love Jane Lynch. Sure, she’s basically Sue from Glee, but I LOVE SUE FROM GLEE.


I love Sarah Silverman and the character of Vanellope. I even wore candy-striped hair pins at Christmas because they made me feel like her.

I love Ralph, of course.

I love the eye candy, by which I mean THE CANDY.

It’s just… perfect.

I can’t wait for Owl to be old enough to enjoy it. It has cars, it has candy, it has strong female characters, it has strong male characters, and only a couple of poop jokes.