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We have house flies.


They started a little while ago. We noticed one or two around the house, usually in the bathroom or computer room. We suspected that they were after the poo – there was a dirty disposable or two in the bathroom garbage in the cupboard under the sink, and the cat litter box was due to be changed.

On boxing day, it seemed like there was more than ever. That morning we discovered that Beloved Dog had had diarrhea in his crate, no doubt as a thank you for the canned turkey with cranberries dog food I gave him on Christmas Day.

Perfect Husband spent a gruelling half hour cleaning out that crate, and came downstairs a changed and disgusted man. Then I washed the dog’s ass while waving away flies and we made a vow.

Boxing Day would be the Day Of No More Poop.

With Owl potty trained, we no longer have a bin of cloth diapers in his room. I put the last bag out for our diaper service a couple of weeks ago. We still put him in a disposable over night, but that’s it, and he usually doesn’t poop over night.

There was no reason to keep poop in our house.

So I not only cleaned the cat box, I scrubbed it.

We emptied all the garbage.

I swept and mopped the downstairs, and vacuumed the upstairs.

I covered the bathroom and large portions of the kitchen in Comet.

By the end of the day, we could say with pride that our house did not have a single crumb of poo in it.


…Okay, so we flushed that and THEN our house did not have a crumb of poo in it.

But yesterday, it seemed like there were possibly even more flies.

This morning I was sure of it. I walked into the computer room and found a cloud of TEN OF THE THINGS, just dancing away.