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So, while I was showering this morning, Owl pulled down his undies, moved his stool to the grown up toilet, picked up his potty seat, lifted up the toilet lid, placed his potty seat on the toilet, clambered onto it and pooped.

I knew nothing about any of this until I stepped out of the shower and he said proudly, “Yook, Mommy, my pooped!”

I officially declare this kid potty trained.

If daycare tries to tell me otherwise I will LAUGH IN THEIR FACES.

He did have an accident yesterday, but that was after a supposedly 10 minute stop at the pharmacy turned into a forty five minute wait for a prescription that I had dropped off four hours ago.

He still wets himself during naps and at night, too, but I don’t think unconsciousness counts.

I’m going to call off my diaper service.