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I spent most of yesterday carving pumpkins and running around.

As of Hallowe’en day, I still hadn’t found a costume for Owl.

I thought about dressing him up as a baby zombie. Most adorable zombie ever, maybe even cuter than the kid in Pet Sematary, who totally made me want babies even more.

But then I realized that this child fusses if I take too long wiping his face – he wasn’t going to let me smear his face with grey paint and fake blood.

The Farm Fairy spotted a used owl costume that she thought might fit (and come ON, how apropos would that be??) but by the time I got there it was gone. Or at least, I was unable to locate it.

Then I thought that if I could find a power blue tux and dig out his sunglasses, he could go Gangnam Style.

No luck.

Then I realized that if you put him in a brown robe and put a fake bald patch on the top of his head, he’d look just like Cadfael the monk.

Totally looks like

So I went looking for a Jedi costume, with no success.

There was another problem.

There weren’t ANY costumes of ANY kind in Owl’s size, anywhere,, jedi or otherwise. 

I found lots of cutesy little baby costumes, like pea pods and puppy hats, and costumes for 3 and 4 year olds, but they had nothing for little 2 year olds who still fit into their 18 month clothes.

Poor Owl got quite excited over an astronaut costume, and kept insisting on coming back to gaze at the “space man”, but it was for four year olds.

I bought a “toddler knight” costume from Zellers, only to open it at home and find that it was for ages 5-6.

Finally, at 3 pm on Wednesday, I tried a party store that I had never visited before.

Good news! They had costumes for toddlers!

Better news! They even had a toddler Jedi costume!

Bad news! It was a Yoda costume, with a brown undershirt and a white robe. No good for a Cadfael costume.

But hey, my mother has always said that Owl looks a little like Yoda. I figured a Yoda costume would be just fine.

Until I saw the shark.

“Candy gram!”


Not only am I a fan of the SNL “Land Shark” skit, but my character in a current D&D campaign (yes, WE’RE GEEKS) just adopted a baby brulette, aka a land shark.

So Owl went as a Land Shark for Hallowe’en.

And my carved pumpkins turned out well, too. And yes, I did carve out Owl’s scribbles, as Hannah from Hodgepodge And Strawberries will be pleased to hear!

All in all it was a successful Hallowe’en, and I am pleased.

But my pumpkin keeps scaring me, so I think I’ll put it outside now.

Why do I carve dead things? I’M SCARED OF DEAD THINGS