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According to my blog stats, the chances are that you’re a pedophile.

Even since I made this post about Amanda Todd, my blog stats have skyrocketed with thousands upon thousands of people searching for photographs of a (DEAD) 12 year old’s breasts.

Allow me to give you a peek at just some of the search terms that came in just today.

I am open to the fact that some of these people people may not know they are pedophiles, in the same way that a lot of people who have committed rape don’t think they’re rapists.

But if you were looking for a photo of Amanda Todd’s 12 year old chest, you were looking for child pornography, and no, I don’t have any of that here.

As appalled as I am by the actual numbers of creeps pouring into my blog hoping for child porn, and specifically child porn that is indirectly a cause of death for that same child, I find consolation in the knowledge that they were both disappointed and probably disgusted by finding my fat 30 year old boobs instead.

Take that.

And while we’re on the subject of search terms… here is a couple of odd ones from further down that same list.