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It’s pissing rain today.

It pissed rain yesterday, too.

We can’t complain.

During the “blue season”, which is usually most of the summer, Vancouver gets very little of the rain it is so known for. In fact, we’ve barely had a drop of rain in… months.

Since July, I think. And this year the blue season just kept on going…

Till yesterday, when Fall came roaring in.

Now all the rain that we didn’t get these past three months is arriving at once, in buckets.

Owl is a true child of Vancouver, though. He protests bitterly when the bright summer sunshine gets in his eyes, howling “SUN GO ‘WAY!” and spent the last two days cheerfully observing “dark out! Sun down, down, down. RAIN.”

I hate the rain. 

When I lived in Curacao, which was a desert island, rain had a novelty factor. When it rained, the teachers let us out of class to play in it because we couldn’t focus on classes when there was WATER in the AIR outside. Sometimes it rained so hard that school was cancelled because the storm ditches were flooded and driving was impossible.

In a land where there air conditioning was blasting all year round, a rain-day was the closest thing you got to a snow day, and only happened once a year if that.

When we returned to Canada I lost my interest in rain in a hurry. It’s cold. It’s wet. It makes my clothes cling. It lands on my face. And the grey weather gives me depression. Whereas sun gives me energy, makes me feel more normal, and turns my hair a pretty blond.

PH, who grew up on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, is more philosophical about rain, and Owl seems to be growing up the same way. So, in honor of the fact that Owl is a Vancouverite and that this will be his life for the next six months, I took him out to play in the rain.

He had a blast, splashing in puddles and getting absolutely soaking wet. 

At least one of us will enjoy Vancouver weather this winter.

This picture courtesy of last April, because I couldn’t take a photo today or the camera would be DRENCHED