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So, thanks to summer long days, I guess it’s been a while since Owl was outside at night. I took him to a friend’s house and left her house late.

When I went to carry Owl into the house he suddenly looked up, then clutched my neck tightly in fear and cried out,

“Sun OFF! SUN OFF!” and pointed at the dark sky.

I wonder what it’s like to suddenly realize that the sun has gone out.

“No, no, honey,” I said, “The sun just went to sleep. It’s night time. See? It’s dark out.”

“Sun aseep. Dark out.” He took a moment to chew on that. Then he pointed again. “A plane!

“No, honey, those are stars. The stars are out, because it’s night time.”

“Stars out. Night time. Dark.”

“Yes, it’s dark because it’s night time.”

He thought about this for a minute, and then cheered right up.

“Hi, stars! HI, DARK!”