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Well, I don’t think Owl’s birthday party could have gone much better.

We ended up deciding to go with the miniature railway in Burnaby, since it was a cost efficient option (the party space and tokens for our train rides, as well as our guests’ train rides came to a grand total of $80) and we’re glad we did because the weather was gorgeous.

I admit I was a little worried because we had 4 families drop out at the last minute (two due to illness, one because of a changed work schedule, and the last because they had a vet appointment for their rabbit scheduled smack in the middle of the party times). We went from expecting 13 kids to expecting 5 all in the space of 24 hours.


But on  the bright side, the kids who could come all happened to be ones who were in Owl’s age range (a 2.5 year old, a 4 year old, two 15 month olds, and a newborn who doesn’t count because she slept through the entire party).

Even better, one of PH’s old friends who lives at an awkward distance and tends to drop out of our lives for several years at a time actually came, giving us a chance to meet her 15 month old.

The kids enjoyed the food, the balloons, and the trains, and Owl had a blast.

He was so worked up from his extroverted day that he roared around with his new toys for an hour and eventually went to sleep with a toy train clutched in his fist.

I officially have a two year old. 

He knows his colours (although he still gets yellow and white mixed up at times).

He can recognize certain written words (update on that later).

He speaks in 4 and 5 word sentences (although they’re sometimes unintelligible).

He wanders far from us (but always stops and comes back when we tell him to).

He is occasionally susceptible to logic.

He is starting to say funny things.

He is his own little human being person.

And he had a great 2nd birthday.