Me: “So apparently Helper Lady was going on to Daycare Lady about what a great husband she thinks you are.”

PH: “What? Why?”

Me: “Do you mean why were they talking about you, or why does she think you’re a great husband?”

PH: “Both.”

Me: “No idea. Daycare Lady was just like “Helper Lady was telling me what a great husband she thinks PH is!” and I was like “he is, but how does she know that?” and Daycare Lady said “well, of course PH is a very nice man, and Helper Lady is very intuitive. She says she can see how well cared for and happy you are and that he is clearly a good husband to you.”

PH: “Yeah! Don’t you forget it, either!”

Me: “I know you’re a great husband! Otherwise your nickname on my blog would be “Needs Improvement Husband” or “Somewhat Acceptable Husband” instead of “Perfect Husband”.

PH: “You should change my name.”

*Helper Lady apparently also commented on the fact that I am “beautiful because she doesn’t wear makeup”. I take this to mean that she admires my inner strength at being brave enough to walk around with a unibrow and dog blood on my cheek every day.