Hi All,

PH again with my breaking-in. I normally don’t have the urge to gate-crash Carol’s blog, especially so soon after the last time, but I felt it appropriate, given the circumstances.

Today is our six-year anniversary. Not our wedding anniversary – we’ve only been married for three and a half years, give or take – but the anniversary of when we started dating. Yes, I track these things.

Carol is currently off enjoying the best anniversary gift I can offer her – a night out with friends while I guard the homestand. Little Owl has just been sung to sleep after a fun evening with Dada, and all is quiet in the house.

I’m a very lucky man to have ended up with Carol. She brings more to the table as a parent than I ever will. She’s creative, intelligent, and caring. She’s the best mother that I’ve ever met (or, at least, tied for first – sorry if you read this blog, Mom), and she’s an infinitely better wife than a schmo like myself deserves.

After six years, she still makes me smile when she walks in the door. After six years, I still want to be a better person every day just to impress her.

After six years, I still want a lifetime more.

I’m happy that I’ll get the chance.

Happy anniversary, love.