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For the last year, I have been on a quest for a decent night light for Owl. 

You’d think it’d be easy.

But no.

It doesn’t help that I’m being as picky as hell.

You don’t find nightlights in the grocery store or pharmacies. Even places like Walmart have an abysmally small selection.

I eventually picked up a cheapy one with a little shade on it, and that worked for quite a while, until Owl broke the shade off.

My mother gave Owl a cute little giraffe night light, which worked great until last week, when Owl managed to break that as well. I’m not even sure what he did, but the switch doesn’t work any more.

What I really want to find is a cozy little lamp – one I can keep up on the windowsill out of reach. One that is relaxing, and dim enough to keep Owl’s room feeling like night time, but bright enough that I can read by it – I spend a lot of time in that gliding rocker trying to sing Owl down to sleep without booba.

Oh, and it needs to be cheap, too, because we have no money.

Daycare Lady has a lamp she uses for the kids during naptime, which she says they really like. I borrowed it for a couple of days and I loved it – it gives a warm glow that isn’t too bright but does illuminate the room. It has an inner bit which spins, casting dancing shadows which I find very relaxing.

I totally want one.

Two problems:

1. It has Dora the Explorer on it, and it’s bright pink.

Not only is it corporate branding, but it's wrong-gender corporate branding!

2. It is discontinued.

But that’s ok. I didn’t need this exact item.

I’ve been avoiding buying Owl anything with branding on it until he is old enough to request it himself. Besides, I was sure I had seen similar things in stores before, so I started trawling the lamp aisles at places like Zellers and Walmart.

No luck! In fact, I couldn’t find ANY children’s lamps, even though I am sure that I used to see cute ones all the time when I was out training service dogs years back.

So I went online.

I found the kind of thing I was looking for, all right. 

$64 dollars, plus shipping and taxes!


$30 plus shipping... FOR THE BULB

Only 2.99 - no shipping needed! BECAUSE IT'S AN IPAD APP.

$40 plus $30 shipping

I’m starting to get frustrated. This technology has been around for forever. The heat from the bulb (and before that, the candle) makes the little propellor on top go around, and the pictures spin.

Why is this so hard to find?

So I changed my tactics. I decided to give up on the spinning picture type night light and look for a star projector type thing instead.

Yeah… not much luck in our price range.

I love this, especially since it also plays soothing sounds, and I've seen it in stores. The catch? It turns itself off after 45 minutes and runs on batteries - I want a night light, not something I have to keep turning back on whenever Owl wakes up

This looks cool, but amazon reviews are all 1 star. Also battery operated.

I've seen this around, too, and reviews are mostly good. Problem: it apparently chews through batteries very quickly, which is a pain when you consider that it has to be hung on the wall. Also, a lot of reviews say the company is very unhelpful when it breaks, and there is no way to change the bulb.

So far this is the forerunner - it is dirt cheap and the reviews are semi-positive. Problem is, apparently it chews through batteries and can be 'noisy'

Argh. I feel like getting a soothing light for Owl’s room shouldn’t be so complicated.

So, in the meantime, I went out and got one of those crappy Febreze things that looks like a fake candle.

It makes the whole house stink like dryer sheets and it doesn’t shed much light, but it’s something.

It's crappier than it looks, and really dim, but I'm a sucker for a flame-like flicker

Until I find something that doesn’t suck.

Think there's any chance of convincing PH to let me get this for me? Except it gets crap reviews, too.