I promise I’ll be more entertaining soon, but I’m too tired tonight. Here is my life in point form:

  • Job schedule is odd – I don’t get two days off together, but I do get three days off a week. Days that I work are 8.5 hours long.
  • Got thrown into the deep end today – only tech on duty. Spent last night dreading work with an unspeakable and dreadful dread.
  • DREAD.
  • Good news: I put in my first catheter in nearly 4 years and got it in on the first try. I successfully monitored two anaesthesias without killing the patient OR seeming incompetent. I put together medications and prepared lab work successfully. I ran a urinalysis and the vet agreed with my results. I didn’t get yelled at. People were nice.
  • Bad news: I screwed up taping the catheter, so I couldn’t connect it to the iv line properly. The time it took to fix my mistake resulted in blood going everywhere. It was a blood bath. Also, I couldn’t intubate a dog and the vet had to take over. I couldn’t get blood from a little maltese after poking the poor thing like seven times. A receptionist eventually got the blood. On the first try. I constantly had to ask the vet questions and was extremely inefficient in my time management. I ran behind.
  • Good news: I heard back about the charity job which I would LOVE to do.
  • Bad news: They want to know if I’d be okay with my work day starting and ending in a city that’s nearly an hour’s drive away in bad traffic. Also, I would need to spend three nights away from home every second week. Since Owl still expects booba at 4 in the morning, I’m not sure I could do this to him.
  • I made 700 bucks on an Elance gig last week, writing dog training stuff, and I agreed on to another job yesterday. I love that I’m making money writing, but it does eat a lot of time.
  • My doctor’s office called to tell me that my blood results are in, and wanting to know if I had “spoken with my specialist about them.” I said no, I tried to explain that there was no specialist – just a walk-in clinic and my sore throat – but the receptionist just booked me an appointment with my doctor as if I weren’t even talking. So now I’m going to the doctor, probably to be told that my blood is normal and to be asked why I’m even there.
  • My son lifts his leg when walking past fire hydrants.

I think that’s everything of note. How are YOU?