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A week or so before my birthday, Owl, PH and I developed mild cold symptoms. Very mild. So mild, in fact, that even PH didn’t suffer the usual Man Cold symptoms of constant moaning, excessive sleeping, etc.

But it just… wouldn’t go away. I was coughing right up through my birthday, never having actually been SICK… and yet… still coughing.

The cough has since faded away, but one symptom remains.

My throat hurts.

Not a lot.

Just a little.

Just the kind of sore throat that makes you wince a teeny bit when you swallow. It doesn’t hurt to talk, it doesn’t really hurt much at all. It’s just… sort of THERE.

Once a night or so I mention it casually to PH, like “my throat’s still a little sore”. It’s such an off-hand comment that he doesn’t even feel the need to enquire about it the next day.

But yesterday, when I mentioned it for what must be, like, the 14th day in a row, he said “Why don’t you go to the doctor?”

Well, because it feels stupid.

“Hi. I don’t have a fever, or headaches, or any cold symptoms, and I feel perfectly fine, actually. But it’s slightly uncomfortable when I swallow.”

Except now the pain kind of goes up my ear canal a bit, too. So I am going to go in. The doctor will probably think I’m a hypochondriac.

Canadians: If you’re wondering where your tax dollars go… me. I’m spending them. Sorry ’bout that.

Update: OR, the doctor will be totally stumped, and postulate a range of diagnoses from too much caffeine to hypothyroidism/cancer, and send me for immediate blood tests.