• Aced some of the questions. My favourite was along the lines of “what makes you think that you will be able to make objective decisions about animals you have taken care of” – UHHH, I trained SERVICE DOGS! Gave them a heart wrenching story about a dog who became my constant companion for months on end, who I released from the program, adopted out to a good home, and haven’t seen since. Thanks to Rebecca’s comments in my last post, I knew to follow it up by saying how good I felt about this decision.
  • Quote from interviewer: “Actually, I worked at that same veterinary clinic for 10 years so I know how hard he is to work with.”
  • Pay is 22 bucks an hour, plus 15% vacation, and it’s a union job.


  • Will be very little chance to walk/train the dogs, and a lot of poop scraping.
  • It’s an auxiliary position, so I’d basically be a back-up. I’d be working full time some weeks, and NOT AT ALL other weeks. No amount of hours are guaranteed. Evenings and weekends are likely.