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So, shortly after my post about the hard drive, or lack thereof, the Future Shop twitter people asked me for our order information. We sent that to them, and customer service suddenly followed up on the email that had been sitting unanswered for two weeks.

The upshot? 

1. The disappearance of our hard drive is apparently due to the floods in Taiwan. The sudden hike in prices are probably also due to the same thing. (As a depressing side note, if you google “taiwan flood” you will find that the vast majority of your hits will be about hard drive shortages and the economic impact of said shortages. You will have to trawl and trawl to actually find a link about, oh, say, the MASS GRAVES and hundreds and hundreds of people dead. I can’t believe that people are trying to find their loved ones before a funeral home dumps them in the garbage, and all we care about are OUR HARD DRIVES.)

2. As a gesture of good faith (which I hope was not entirely due to the fact that I have a readership) they are offering us a hard drive with similar specs at the  same price, which amounts to a $50 discount from the drive’s currently posted price.

3. They will let us know when it is shipped. Hopefully it is not in Taiwan, because they have bigger problems right now.