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  • I had my first dog training client on Sunday. I think I did ok.
  • My partner and I opened our business account today, and deposited our first cheque.
  • My dog training business now has a Facebook page and a Google Plus page.
  • I submitted an article to a magazine BY the deadline and it was pretty much on-target for word count.
  • I picked up 4 more hours of work for tomorrow, which may make the difference between making a profit and making a loss on my whole work situation this month.


  • Magazine wants a picture of a trainer (preferably me) training a dog, and I don’t actually have ANY PICTURES LIKE THAT, because dog trainers wear ratty clothing and don’t like being photographed while making ridiculous faces at dogs.
  • Our car’s brakes broke, and according to Toyota, the Midas we took our car to the last time this happened used non-Toyota parts and therefore had to remove some shimmymagig and that made our flimflam thingummies wear out fast. So we sold some stocks, because we have no money.
  • I passed wind and my dog started barking because he thought it was someone knocking on the door.
  • It took me five minutes to convince him there was nobody there.

…Altogether, I think I’m #winning. 

But it’s close.

Very close.