It’s amazing how cut-off I feel without internet. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Stocking stuffers that I meant to order online never got ordered. Blog posts have been piling up in my head/on my netbook in Open Office files. I launched the website of my dog training biz and haven’t been able to moderate it since.

Do you know how much you need internet FOR these days? Without Facebook/email, my primary means of communicating with friends and family in inconvenient time zones has been eradicated.

Now I’m at McDonalds, eating food I don’t even feel like eating, because they turned their play-place into more seating, and added wifi (apparently children don’t play anymore?)

So, here is the brief rundown on my life:

We leave to go home for Christmas tomorrow (and internet stalkers, beware: I have a house sitter, an attack-cat, and murderous robots, not to mention very nosy neighbours who know we’re away).

Today I have to:

Deliver a bottle of over-the-counter pet nutriceuticals to a friend, which I got at cost at work and for which I am being traded a used Xbox (I have a vague notion of picking up a Kinect at some point in the future and putting an active two year old in front of it, saying “run. jump. be merry”.)

Buy stocking stuffers

Clean like a mofo, because of afore-mentioned cat sitter (and you know that I’ll still apologize for the messiness of the house in my note to here, to give the impression that my just-been-scrubbed-house is actually usually even cleaner)

Write instructions for my dog sitter so she knows how to operate said dog (a lot of his commands are uncommon ones)

Deliver my poor dog and abandon him for Christmas

Pick up Owl from daycare

It doesn’t help that I’m not feeling 100%. PH’s ghastly illness, not doubt caught from Owl, has not visited me, but I think my intestines are waging war against it. I have the vaguely unsettled stomach feeling that was my constant state of being in the first three months of my pregnancy, and frighteningly GEOLOGICAL sounds seem to rumbling ominously from my abdomen.

And NO, I’m not pregnant. I can’t be, right? IUD? Also, just had a period… I dunno, a couple of weeks ago.


PH lost, like, 20 lbs from this foul disease and poor Owl has reverted to his rib-showing, spine-showing state of yore.


Every time I get access to the internet, I’m going to try and post some of brewing backlog that I’ve been building.

Wish me luck…