I’m huddled outside the Safeway at ten o clock with my netbook, folks. If that isn’t dedication to my blog, I dunno what is. Thankfully, World Moms Blog has just published one of my posts, entitled My Job Is Eating My Life, so if you’re feeling starved for a life update, head on over there!

My life is pretty much the same as when I wrote that post, except now I have NO INTERWEBS until next week. I’m living like a cave person.

PH is still out of commission, but looking less like a Victor Hugo character.

I got an email from an animal magazine agreeing to publish an article written by me! I just need to write the thing. Here’s hoping internet is achieved before the deadline.

My dog training business is technically up and running! Unfortunately, we have no clients. If you want the link to my website so you can spread the word for me, drop me an email and I’ll give it to you.

I should be able to check my email before next year.