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Owl is sick again – for the last two nights we have gotten ZERO sleep because he has coughed himself awake EVERY 15 MINUTES almost all-frigging night long.

I couldn’t take him to daycare with this cough til I got it checked out by a doctor and made sure it wasn’t the Black Death. But it was bad timing we had a big surgery booked for the morning and the boss’s daughter was moving so she wasn’t supposed to come in until later. Not to mention that it would be nightmarish to leave her trying to assist a major surgery while phones rang, orders arrived, and people came in to buy food and get prescription refills.

PH is in an important phase at work, training his employees to do his job before he is shifted to another office, so he couldn’t miss work.

So I was faced with the options of:

a) Calling in “sick” and leaving everyone in the lurch.

b) Hauling Owl in with me, admitting the surgery patient, and then manning the phones while the surgery went on.

I chose B.

Question 1:

When Mean Vet blew in ten minutes late, what do you think happened:

Question 2:

What do you think I/he should have done?