I wish I had new and exciting things to tell you, but I feel like all of my news is the same old stuff, rehashed:

  • Owl’s walking is getting better all the time. I’m going to put together a video for it – was going to do it tonight, in fact – but the sound on our computer has come unplugged somehow, which means that I can neither mash together one of my music mixes nor upload a straight piece of video, which could be filled with Owl’s REAL NAME.
  • Work is still insanely stressful. On Saturday the vet accidentally vaccinated a dog for rabies who had just received a rabies vaccine LAST month… and then raked me over the coals for it. It wasn’t until I said “I’m SORRY, OKAY?” that he shut up. He was civil for the rest of the day, but for the life of me I could not figure out how his mistake was in any way my fault, except that I simply failed to catch his mistake in time.
  • Owl is beginning to say “ma? Ma? Mama?” when pulling at my shirt and signing for milk. Is this the beginning of speech, or is it just like when he points at his father and says “dada?” and then as we congratulate him, points at his own foot and says “dada”?
  • I am definitely starting a dog training business with my friend, but it’s slow going. She has anxiety issues of her own and, like me, doesn’t really want to work too hard or be under too much pressure and tends to freeze in the face of all the impending red tape involved in getting this going. We’re both full of ideas, though, and I registered the domain and started a website this weekend out of sheer itchiness to DO SOMETHING.
  • The Owl’s sleep is totally back to square one, ending up in bed with me every night and kicking his father until PH vacates the bed for the couch. He still has premolars coming in and every time we decide to put our foot down and go back to the Old Rules, he coughs pathetically and ends up in bed blissfully snuggled up next to me.
  • I miss blogging. Like, a lot. My head and my drafts folder is full of posts that I simply don’t have the time or the energy to write and refine. Titles include but are not limited to: Round 4: Rowling vs Meyer, Confidence, Facebook, Big Bang Theory, Baby Size, Trebek vs Sajak, Yayo, Model/Rival, and Alexander McCall Smith.
  • I miss my old life. I do. I should be all feminist and wanting to work but I just honestly want to stay in my safe little house with my baby and blog and have that be my life. Because I’m lazy. And selfish.

I’ll try to be more amusing soon. I PROMISE.

Here, have a picture of an Owl Babby.

Breakfast of champions