1. Owl’s walking ability is increasing by leaps and bounds (or, more accurately, by thumps and wobbles) on a daily basis. From his first steps on Thanksgiving Sunday, he can now drunken-master stagger (giggling madly) across an entire room before falling onto his face or throwing himself into out waiting arms with the mad self-confidence of a crowd-surfer.

2. At daycare he learned where his nose was, and how to kick a ball. I feel like a useless mother. I’ve been trying to teach him where his nose is since HE WAS BORN. I think it’s a result of the model/rival technique used by Irene Pepperberg of Alex the Parrot, but that’s another post.

3. The Inexplicably Loved Cat knocked the Thanksgiving ham bone down to the Beloved Dog, who had a feast. He was peeing massive amounts the next day, which didn’t surprise us because PH did the same thing after eating that massively salty ham.

But a routine just-to-check test at work showed blood in Beloved Dog’s urine, and small amounts of bacteria. There were no crystals, though. I have no idea if these two things are related, but I put him on antibiotics just to be sure.

4. A Dachschund who has ALL the infection (read: multiple bulging, pus-filled abscesses that keep sprouting all over her face despite a bunch of dental extractions and a full course of antibiotics) bit me on the nail bed of my right thumb yesterday and it was surprisingly painful. I never realized how much I use my right thumb, despite being left handed. I now find it excrutiating to:

  • Turn the ignition of my car
  • Change gears
  • Open the baby gate while holding Owl.
  • Pick Owl up
  • Turn the pages of my book

5. I haven’t had time to catch up on my blogging, or basically do anything other than eat and sleep and watch tv.

So. How’s YOUR week been?