So, after working every Saturday but one since I began my job on Aug 20th, I emailed the manager (boss’s wife who dislikes my “inconvenient” hours) and asked her if maybe I could have a Saturday or two off in the near future.

That was Wednesday or Thursday.

She emailed back last night.

The answer was basically, “no” and that it was “impossible” due to the short-staffed situation. She went on to say that I could approach the tech who works at the other (read: nearby) clinic about switching a shift, but that the schedule is and will remain unchanged unless they hire another employee.

Leaving aside the fact that since switching a shift is “possible” then clearly SCHEDULING me with a Saturday must be possible, I’m feeling very frustrated.

I try to remember that they ARE short staffed, and that as the newbie, I am lowest on the hierarchy.

But dang – I wanted a job nearby, with a good staff atmosphere and early shifts, and somehow I ended up with none of that.

But it is Thanksgiving, and I want to be grateful.

So here’s what I am grateful for:

My son, who is frigging adorable and hilarious

My husband, who loves me and makes me laugh

My friends and commenters, who try to make me feel valuable (they don’t usually succeed but I appreciate the effort)

My family back home

My daycare lady

My dog and cat


Diet Pepsi

Mashed Potatoes with gravy

Pumpkin Pie

…yup, that about covers it.

A friend of mine from my old job are talking about teaming up and starting a dog training business. Do you know dog trainers charge, like, 70 bucks an hour? Hell, on that income I could work 10 hours a week and be able to QUIT my current job.

My friend had a dog training business a few years ago (which she shut down to work for the service dog school where we met) and she said she was surprised at the demand.

So I’m not only grateful, I’m HOPEFUL.