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You know the effect – you learn a new word, and suddenly everyone is using it. A friend buys a new car, and suddenly you think you see her car everywhere.

Well, look what I’m seeing everywhere:


 It was on the radio, too. I heard it as I was pumping away at work:

“A recent survey reveals that 80% of employers claim that they try to provide a family friendly workplace, but many admit that an employee is more likely to advance if they don’t have family commitments.”

I don’t know what to do. I’m not happy in my current job, but how hire-able am I with this baby in tow? What if the good places won’t want me? It doesn’t help that I am rusty at certain aspects of the job – I haven’t done surgery in years, for example, which gives the mean vet lots of opportunity to rake me over the coals.

I’m a good tech. I am great at lab work, I am fantastic with clients, I know animal nutrition and pharmacology, and even radiography. But I feel like all my workplace must see in me is my milky boobs and my sleep-deprived mental state.

PH still thinks I should leave if it doesn’t get better, but he also reminds me that a lot of this is my own inference. No one has actually SAID anything to me about my milky boobs, and no one has actually SAID (other than the mean vet that they all say I shouldn’t take personally) that they think I’m incompetant.

But they don’t make me feel like I’m not, either.

I don't usually like Natalie Dee, but damn, THIS IS ME

I’m pretty sure that just thinking about the upcoming week at work should NOT make me feel like my heart is going to explode.

You know I don’t ask you guys to “share” me around much. But if you could share my previous post a bit… tweet it or something… I would appreciate it. I am hoping for more encouraging feedback. The more stories I hear from women who found a good job despite a baby, the better I will feel…