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Remember when I bought these new plants?

Well, it was actually the Fuschia that was first to go. Poor Wilma didn’t make it.

We thought that I had killed the mint good and dead, but then it sprang up from its own ashes. It turns out that mint is the perfect plant for someone like me, because it’s impossible to kill.

The sickly Basil is growing fine as long as I keep it watered, and it’s getting to be a bit of a problem because it just gets taller and taller. A friend of mine has a rabbit. I think I may present her with a mint-and-basil bouquet.

Outdoors, my yard is still struggling. A year ago my mother de-weeded that yard carefully, which resulted in the yard also being entirely stripped bare. Then we re-seeded it with grass and some clover.

The grass came in well, and in spring was high enough to be cut. But somehow, since then, it has… disappeared. Parts that were green and lush in spring are suddenly bare again, and being filled in with weeds. All the weeds my mother painstakingly pulled out are reappearing, and my grass has vanished.

I don’t even know what the weeds are.

seriously, what is this, and how do I get rid of it??

I thought they were dandelions, but on closer inspection I could see that they are not. The leaves aren’t jagged enough. So what is this that is taking over my yard? Where is the grass?

The clover is faring better so I re-seeded some more clover in the bare patches. It’s taking in places, but mostly, the yard is still filled with bald spots.

Is it possible to do a comb-over on a yard?