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A year ago, I dragged my pregnant butt down to the Fair at the Pacific National Exhibition, and waddled around in the sun all day with Perfect Husband. I was 9 months pregnant, due to go into labour at any second, and determined not to miss my chance for mini donuts before Babby burst his way into my life.

This year, we went back. Babby was still bulging around my belly, but he was 10 pounds heavier, outside of my body and actually much less encumbering than 12 months before.

Why drag our baby/my pregnant body to the PNE?

Because it is AWESOME.

There aren't enough oxen in baby books.

When Mommy blows out her candles, she wishes for a draft horse!

That's it, right up the cow's nose.

There are cows and horses and little bunnies to look at, which I like.

There are booths set up hawking all kinds of as-seen-on-tv products.

But mostly, we love the food.

Like a hotdog on a pretzel bun, SMOTHERED in macaroni and cheese, with crispy fried onions.



Boob-Lady scares me

Hey, onions! I eat dem.

Or deep fried Pop Tarts.

And most importantly, mini-donuts, those little cinnamon-sugar bites of heaven.

Deep fried pop tart... and mini donuts!


We walked around for so long that even Babby eventually passed out from sheer awesomeness.

Is... is he breathing?

I gained three pounds after our day there. But since I’ve lost five, I’m still ahead of the game and it was SO WORTH IT.