When I dropped Babby off at daycare this morning, she talked to me again about the T.V. 

She said that it had always been unhooked from the cable, but that while she was on vacation, she had a stand-in lady coming in, and that lady hooked it back up for her own child.

“But I am going to unhook it again, I think,” she said. “They have enough to do. My girls like to watch it, but they can go upstairs. They always used to go upstairs to watch. And I want you to feel comfortable.”

She pointed at the other little boy, who is just under two. “His mother really hates TV, and he never had any interest. Now he turns on the tv! I am shocked by how quickly he became corrupted.”

She says the right things, but will she do them? Not to mention the fact that she knew that one of her charges had a mother who was against television, but she still allowed her replacement to expose him to TV, which she admits “corrupted” him. That’s NOT cool.

So she had BETTER unhook that cable, and when she goes on vacation next year, I will make sure any replacement lady knows how I feel. And give her THIS.