My last day of freedom before full-time work begins.

I had plans.

I was going to drive PH to work so I could have the car. Then I was going to swing by the daycare, drop Babby off for an hour or two so I could test the waters there. Then I was going to pick up some groceries and get in touch with my friends, one of whom is home with her three month old, and the other of whom is on vacation this week.

We could have fun times, possibly after I had picked up Babby, and if for some reason they couldn’t hang out, I was going to come home and CLEAN the Babby-free house, and then maybe take Babby for a fun day out in the park and cherish ever moment.

I woke up this morning.

It was pissing rain.

Summer arrived in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago, after an unusually cold and drizzly season. I know everyone thinks Vancouver rains all the time, but it actually DOESN’T, in summer. All the rain comes in the winter. Summer is fire-hazard time.

Not this summer. But the last two weeks have been hot and sunny, and yesterday was the hottest and sunniest. And now it’s pissing rain. Not so much with the fun times in the park, today.


Halfway to PH’s work the engine overheating light started to blink. We were on a bridge.


There is a Midas near PH’s work, so we got off the highway and drove slowly with our four-ways on, switching to neutral at red lights. Two minutes away from Midas, the check engine light went on. As we pulled in, the battery light went on.

Bad bad bad!

So I ended up calling my friend The Farm Fairy and begging her to load her baby into the car and come rescue me. Babby crawled around the floor at Midas and turned his knees positively black while I watched the news about Jack Layton‘s death.

My sainted friend showed up forty five minutes later and drove me home. Then, after a couple more phone calls and a booba top up for both babies, she drove me to the daycare so I could talk to the lady about Babby’s personality, diet, how to use his diapers etc and get the requisite forms to fill out. I didn’t leave him there, because honestly, there’s only so much chauffeuring one can ask of a friend in a day.

Then she drove me to her house and we hung out with our vacationing friend for a bit. But then Farm Fairy’s mother called needing a ride (it was chaffeur day for her, clearly) so vacationing friend drove me home again.

Babby is now down for a nap, it’s still raining, the house is still dirty.

And PH says that apparently it’s going to take 1,000 bucks to fix the car.

I guess we know where my next couple of paychecks will be going, eh?