While we were in the United States, we stopped at Target, because that’s what Canadians do when they are in the States.

“You know what I always hope to find, but never do?” I told my friend as we shopped. “Perfect Husband doesn’t think they make them any more, but I always look anyway. They’re a Planters product, and they were called Cheese Balls. We used to eat them all the time when I lived in the Caribbean, and they were so good, and I can never find them.”

“I remember those!” she said. “They probably did take them off the market. They were probably full of poison or something.”

“I distinctly remember “yellow number 5″ being one of the ingredients,” I admitted.

Our conversation turned to other things. As we passed the junk food aisle I said casually, “I’m just going to wander through here.”

“You’re looking for cheese balls, aren’t you?”


No one was more surprised than me when I actually found them.

Granted, they weren’t Planters brand, and there was only one container left, and the container was, er, a little large.

Excessively so, you might argue.

But there they were:  “Cheese Balls”.

Complete with yellow number 5.

So I bought them.

"I can has yellow number 5?"

That's right. My baby had to kneel to get his hands on the top of this MASSIVE JAR.

Can you blame me?