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Yes, they got in touch with me.

Just in the nick of time, too. We had finished at the Maritime Museum (where I had a great time with my niece and nephew – I’ve seen their exhibits many times, but the new tribute to being gay at sea was a lot of fun) and PH was on the verge of reluctantly abandoning me on the waterfront so he could get to Dartmouth in time for his nephews’ track and field events. But they messaged and said they were headed to the Economy Shoe Shop, so he dropped me off on Argyle St instead, making me promise to not let the internet strangers steal my kidneys.

I hung out there with Babby while a variety of scenarios played out in my head. They were going to change their minds at the last moment and decide to go to a restaurant on Quinpool or somewhere instead, and I would have a really long hike or would have to figure out the bus schedule. Or they would change restaurants and not even tell me.

OR, I decided, they would show up, but afterwards inform me that they were all going to Peggy’s Cove. I wouldn’t be able to come along because I didn’t have the car and car seat, and so would be left wandering disconsolately around the city with Babby in tow until my husband returned from Dartmouth at the end of the day.

Meanwhile Babby got fussy so I sat on a flower box and nursed him. Now, I have long since resigned myself to strangers seeing my boobas. I used to have a little nursing canopy for more public situations, but Babby now thinks that that is a great game of peekaboo, and any covering gets whipped off immediately. If there is one thing more awkward than showing everyone your booba, it’s desperately trying to cover your boobas but failing miserably. So I just haul ’em out without shame, because then at least I retain a semblance of dignity.

However, nursing on a public street while a hobo shuffled by periodically and commented on my baby’s big brains was a new experience.

Then they arrived – I recognized The Urban Cowgirl right away, because she posts pictures of herself in a variety of outfits, and I was quickly introduced to blondevixen, CO, So Dramatic, Too So Much Alex, AllieLG, MomofTwo, ATXGirl (aka The Squeaker), Darleya, and Sakura (who has published a REAL book and everything!). Of course, I knew OF them all from the Dooce Community, and had read their blogs, even, but meeting them in person is a strange feeling.

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We had a fun lunch at the Shoe Shop and then walked around Barrington St and Privateer’s Wharf. We missed Curiosity, so we brought her image with us!

at four thirty PH found me and after a round of hellos and goodbyes we packed Babby into the car and went home. Babby, who had not slept since 10 that morning, was so worked up that he babbled to us for a while (no doubt regaling his Daddy with tales about his day with the DoCo ladies) and showed no signs of settling down until he finally conked out after a hearty round of Old MacDonald. 

It was a good day. And I got to keep my kidneys and everything!