I’m looking forward to meeting a bunch of fellow bloggers in Halifax tomorrow. Problem is, I don’t know where or when I’ll be able to find them, so my anxiety is acting up, especially since I’m nervous about meeting and socializing with new humans anyway.

I’ve been at my in-laws’ house the last few days, and they don’t have WiFi, so I couldn’t log into the Dooce Community or check my blog. So I haven’t been able to arrange anything with the rest of the DoHos, who are all partying together in Halifax right now.

I’ve given them my cell phone number so hopefully they’ll get in touch with me, preferably before my husband is due to dump me off (11:30 am or so) and go watch his nephews perform in some Very Important Sports Thing.

Right now my anxiety is picturing me wandering around Barrington Street going “yooohoooo, DoCo? ANYBODY?” tomorrow at noon.

Instead, probably they WILL get in touch with me and they just won’t like me at all.

I’m sure it’ll be fine.